Creativity, health,

& Happiness!

Learn to dance, gain confidence, enrich your professional life, improve coordination, get fit, make friends, and have FUN!



Dancing is for me and you and everyone! I specialize in teaching wedding dances, social and competition dancing, and line dance parties to adults of all ages and experiences. I'm also available for professional performances. Country Two Step, Line Dancing, & Swing. Hustle, East Coast Swing, & West Coast Swing. Waltz, Chacha, & More. Contact me to schedule private and private group sessions!



As the only Jungshin Fitness Master Trainer in NYC, I offer athletic martial arts classes and cardio dance classes- all with a wooden sword! Jungshin, which means "Focused Mind", is a highly accessible, inherently meditative, mind-body workout that makes you feel vibrant and powerful, both inside and out. I'm also available for Pilates mat sessions and "Core Rhythms" cardio dance classes. I have a particular interest in and knowledge of women's fitness and wellness. Contact me to schedule private and private group sessions!

Dance & Fitness SERVICES.

Prep together for one of your first major team efforts! Have fun growing and bonding, then show you friends and family what your made of!

Private Dance Lessons

Gain greater confidence, creativity, and coordination in your life! Take private dance lessons in a wide variety of the most popular dances for singles or couples. Performance, competition, and social dancing opportunities are available!

Themed dance instruction and entertainment for any party occasion! Birthdays, bachelorettes, business holiday parties, and more!

Jungshin Fitness Classes

Transl: "Focused Mind" Fitness, Jungshin can be both highly athletic and deeply meditative at the same time. It's an accessible, effective, and fun fitness method for balancing your mind, body, and spirit. 

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