Social dancing offers so many unique benefits including coordination, creativity, health, social networking, and fun. Private instruction is great for singles and lessons are a perfect date activity for couples. I aim to offer you accessible instruction of the most relevant dances to current music- especially Two Step, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, and Hustle. You will be able to take what you learn and use it in the real world: at parties, bars, weddings, wherever there’s music and company!


I pride myself on making the learning process meaningful- creatively, physically, personally. I find out what drives you to dance and coach you along your unique way. I provide a variety of opportunities, including private and semi-private lessons, performance and competition opportunities, and dance party hosting.

Dance transforms people in so many unexpected ways, and I'm excited to explore where it’ll take you!

private DANCE Lessons.

Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Private Lessons (for 1-2 people) are where the most efficient, intensive learning happens for beginner to advanced students. Private lessons are custom-designed to fit your goals, some of which could include: date night fun, social dance skill building, competition technique refinements, and professional-amateur competition/performance preparation. Scheduling is also the most flexible with this type of lesson, and standing appointments tend to be the simplest to book (same time every week). Single lessons are $96, or you can buy a package for a discount: 5-9 pack for $91 each or 10+ pack for $86 each.

Semi-Private Lessons (3-4 people) are small, specialized lessons for students of similar skill levels and interests. Sometimes these lessons are scheduled and structured as courses similar to group classes, and sometimes they are scheduled ad hoc between the two couples and the instructor. A wide variety of dances is available, and our most popular semi-private lessons cover Two Step, Hustle Styling, and Int/Adv WCS. These are priced around $35.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons are usually located in NoMad but may be located in a variety of other locations for a small extra travel fee.

Performance/Competition Opportunities

I'm available to perform and compete with my students at local or destination events. Inquire about potential events for which we can begin preparing!

Party Hosting

I am available to accompany students to social dances at dance studios in New York City. Hourly pricing is discounted private lesson rates. Inquire for details!

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