Wedding Dance Preparation

Prep together for one of your major team effort as a married couple! Have fun growing and bonding, then show your friends and family what you're made of!

Family Dance Preparation

Planning a father/daughter, mother/son, wedding party dance? Make them spectacular too! We do it all!

Group Guest Wedding Lessons

Have us come and give a mini lesson to your wedding guests to get them warmed up and comfortable on the dance floor!

Continuing Lessons

Your wedding day is only the beginning! Continue growing as a creative team when the wedding is over and enjoy quality date night time in each others' arms.

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“We did it!!!!! We owe it all to YOU!! Thank you for being a trooper and helping us perfect a dance we always envisioned would happen. We are so grateful for our wonderful experience.”


-Kevin & Steph Small, Wedding Couple


Lovely Wedding Couple, what may we help you with?

Shall your First Dance be:

EPIC (A fairy tale production? Viral on youtube? Better than your sister’s last year?)
MEMORABLE (A sweet moment to cherish? An up-beat number to get the party started? A medley of multiple styles?)
LOW-KEY (A bonding activity? An excuse to learn some sweet new moves?)

I offer Customized Packages for you based on your first dance vision and commitment, because your wedding is all about you. Some couples want the bare minimum of training so that they don’t feel embarrassed. Some want coaching for a totally epic production (smoke! sparklers!). Many want something pretty awesome in between those extremes, and some don’t know greatness is possible (it really is!). 

Wedding Dance and Beyond is all about tapping into your personal vision for your first dance and making it a reality. I aim to make the process exciting yet comfortable, so I will tailor your lessons toward your goal, personalities, and strengths. Your dance preparation is a creative outlet intended to spice up your wedding planning period and draw you two together as a team. Plus, you'll get confident with some really cool dance moves for your wedding and beyond! I'm also available for Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance prep, group dance lessons at your wedding to get your guests comfortable on the dance floor, and fun, feminine classes for your Bachelorette party!

wedding dance & beyond.

What to Expect:
I recommend starting with a half hour Intro Lesson, discounted to $35. In this lesson, you will dance a lot! You’ll learn basic movements for general partner dancing and for one or two song-appropriate styles. I’ll get a feel for how you learn and what you’re looking for, and you’ll experience what I can offer you. Within a day or two, I’ll create and email a Customized Plan and Syllabus to you so that you can decide on what Package to proceed with!

You are unique, and your wedding dance experience, from initial consultation to wedding day and beyond, should be as well.

Standard Packages/Pricing:

Basic– 5 pack ($480)
Full– 7 pack ($637)
Extended– 10 pack ($860)
*Add-ons may include: more lessons at the per lesson rate of the package (ex. an 8th lesson on a 7 pack would be $91), instructor travel time (around $20 per lesson, i.e. for a lesson in your own home), private studio rentals (around $40-$60 per lesson)
*Policies: Packages include your email/in-person consultation and lesson plan. Lessons are 55 minutes long, and there is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Video recaps each lesson are permitted and encouraged! Also worth noting, we want to see a video of your wedding dance after your wedding

Sample “Full Package” Plan:
Full Lesson 1) Review what we worked on in your intro lesson. Clarify lead/follow connection in these, and add a pattern or two.
Lesson 2) Review and add final patterns.
Lesson 3) Put together amalgamations of patterns, play with open (fancy) material and tricks/dips.
Lesson 4) Clarify amalgamations and set open choreography for the middle of your piece.
Lesson 5) Complete choreography by adding entrance and ending, and increase awareness of spacing in the room.
Lesson 6) Add styling, especially in open material, and practice flow, especially at transition points.
Lesson 7) Discuss psychology of performing. Run it over and over again to work on finishing touches, like your confidence, emotional connection, comfort, and ability to relax and have fun!

Additional lessons generally allow for more comfort, more detailed styling, more complicated choreography, and/or fancier tricks/lifts. Some couples opt for extra lessons to learn some cool moves for social dancing at the reception or for father/daughter and mother/son dances.

packages & pricing.
my Students' Dances.

Wedding Dances

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